Forensic Investigation 

A forensic investigation is commonly known as the process of lawfully substantiating evidence and facts, which can be presented at a court. In modern day corporate environment, this phenomenon is used for nearly all investigations including window dressing situations, computer crimes and murders. 

Forensic investigation in financial arena is the comprehensive analysis of data or information to identify the sources of financial transactions. Financial Forensics Services offers discreet investigations and these are separate from financial recovery services. Financial investigators can be used to discover, investigate or prevent an entire range of white-collar crime including embezzlement, employee theft, securities fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and executive malpractices. 

Due Diligence 

This generally involving mergers, acquisitions, or buyouts, these investigations focus on the new acquiree company, its key employees, its corporate records, and other documents in the transaction. We can help you test the accuracy of representations and warranties contained in the purchase agreement and items noted in the Disclosure Schedule. The primary goal of the due diligence investigation is to discover and analyze all of the material information necessary to enable our clients to fully understand the target company. 

We help you identify and address any areas of concern before proceeding with a transaction. Forensic accountants can analyze corporate records, tax returns, and year-end statements, and can interview key executives and personnel to check the authenticity of any representations and disclaimers. 

Embezzlement and Fraud 

Embezzlement is often as simple as walking out the back door with the money. More often it is a complicated scheme that takes place over months or even years. Forensic accountants are trained to identify discrepancies and malpractices in accounting documents and follow/trace clues to the source of any fraudulent activity. 

Financial Forensics Services can also assist you with data and text-mining analysis for email and phone communications, as well as on-site investigations. Many clients take advantage of our experience as a precaution against theft and embezzlement by installing proper safeguards. On the whole, this pre-emptive action is a more cost-effective approach than litigation and using our specialists in the financial recovery process after a loss has been suffered.