Key Services for Care Homes

Management Accounting Services
We are able to carry out the following at our office or at your office.
  1. Balance sheet, profit and loss, and cash flow statements
  2. Month by month comparisons of all cost types
  3. Comparisons of actual to budget
  4. Rolling forecasts (Actual for year to date and budget for remaining months)
  5. Key performance indicators

Analysis of Financial Discipline
We, at Keyconsulting UK, have the relevant capabilities and expertise to do various analyses to monitor your financial  discipline and this includes the following

  1. Review of the monthly management accounts
  2. Reconciliations of items to various financial statements
  3. Identification of potential financial issues and internal control aspects
  4. Preparation of Budgets and forecasts for operational or banking purposes

Analysis of Key Performance indications
We will carry out your care home's Fees/occupancy analysis to ensure your care home is on the right track into the future. This might also include various costs per resident analysis and the like.

If you require further information in relation to this aspect or any issues covered by this aspect, please contact our office on 020 8768 5628.