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Key Tax Deadlines - 2015/2016

Date/MonthWhat is due to happen Who should do what
(April 2015)
Tax Returns are sent out by HMRC. Tax ServicesMost People receive their paper returns unless they file online.
(By 19 May 2015)
Completed P35 and P14s must be received by HMRCTax ServicesAll Employers
(By 31 May 2015)
P60s issued, providing details of your taxable
pay and tax paid for 2013-2014.
Tax ServicesAll employees. Pensioners who receive an income from previous employers pension scheme or private pension plan.
(By 6 July 2015)
P11Ds issued, providing details of your taxable fringe benefits and expenses for tax year.Tax ServicesEmployees earning £8,500 or more and Directors.
(31 July 2014)
2nd payment on account for 2013-2014 tax year due.Tax ServicesTaxpayers who make payments on account
(5 Oct 2015)
Advise tax office or new un-taxed income or change of status.Tax ServicesThose who start to receive untaxed income during 2013-2014 tax year or who have changed from employed to self-employment.
(31 Oct 2015)
If you send in a paper tax return, it must reach HMRC by midnight on 31 OctoberTax ServicesTax payers who want HMRC to calculate their tax.
(31 Jan 2016)
Final deadline for sending back your tax return & paying any outstanding tax due for 2013-2014.Tax ServicesEveryone who wants to file a tax return for the year ended 05th April 2014
(28 Feb 2016)
Application of  percentage (%) of surcharge  by HMRCTax ServicesEveryone who was due to pay tax on 31 Jan 2015 but failed to do so

Important: If you have already missed the above deadlines and are worrying about what to do next, contact us for "NO FEE" advice.We will be happy to help you