Value Chain Consultancy

Every organisation consists of activities that are linked together to develop the value of the business. These activities form the organisation’s value chain. Some of such activities may include purchasing activities, manufacturing the products, distribution and marketing of the company’s products and services. The aim of our value chain consultancy is to maximise your business’s value creation while minimising its costs

Main aspects of Value Chain Analysis

The ability to understand capabilities and the customers’ requirements is crucial for the business to be successful. The profitability of a firm depends to a large extent on how effectively it manages the various activities in the value chain, such that the price that the customer is willing to pay for the company’s products and services exceeds the relative costs of the value chain activities.
Our Value chain analysts will dig into the following activities of your business and will analyze them to identify where value can be created.

1.Inbound logistics
3.Outbound logistics
4.Marketing and sales
6.Procurement Procedures
7.Human Resource Management
8.Information Technology Development
9.Firm Infrastructure

Want to know more about your value chain

The important question is to see how your business is sourcing every activity in the value chain. A systematic analysis of the value chain can facilitate effective outsourcing decisions. Therefore, it is important to have an in-depth understanding of the company’s strengths and weaknesses in each activity in terms of cost and differentiation factors.

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