Online Business Planning

We have the relevant expertise and experience in transferring your offline business to online one. Our consultancy includes online planning, online payment requirements, e-commerce websites and even web designing.

If you decide to carry on your business online, it has to be done through a web site. Certain web design choices can make or break the overall success of your web site implementation. Even though many people prefer a beautiful or visually impressive web site, there are various implications to be considered. This is because there are certain important factors which need to go together in order to convert first-time site visitors into long-term customers of your business.

Your website is an important component of your online presence. Before approaching any web designer, be prepared to answer the following:

• Your business operations or purpose ( if you’re an individual)?
• Have you got an existing logo, branding or marketing materials?
• Your website goals?
• Your website content?
• Who are your main competitors?
• Online purchase capabilities?
• What website features that are required?
• The number of web pages required
• Your budget for the planned project?
• Any deadlines for website to be launched?
• Level of assistance required to maintain the website?

Even if a website is an important component of your online presence, it's not the end to have a successful online business. Be ready to think out of the box.